Sunday, August 28, 2011


Our 2011 litter was a grand success ! We had a fun " Puppy Picking" get together at Ryan Fortier's Long Hollow Kennels in Ellensburg, Wa. on August 11th. Pictured are some happy owners with their new pups.

Nine beautiful pups went to owners from Washington, Idaho, California and Montana. The " wing on a string " produced some nice puppy points and even a classy back by " Cash ".

  I think this guy named " Huck Finn " is going to be a hard charger ! Come back and visit us in November,  we should have some pics of these pups pointing their first wild birds, before this season is over.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Let the fun begin.....

Spent the weekend in Circle closing out the National Amateur Pheasant Championship, checking out the Montana shooting Dog Championship and running Sammy in the Montana Derby. The opportunity to meet some of the backbone of the Amatuer and Pro ranks of American Field as well as watch and learn from them was priceless.

Was excited to learn that Austin Turley won the Amateur with his Female Pionter Vi, a true bird dog and thats what you need to win on those grounds...the cover was thick and high to say the least and the temps were warm.

The Montana Open Derby was run on Sunday and the hard work seems to have paid of as my pionter Sammy placed second out of the 26 dogs drawn.

Next up we hope to run up to Canada for the National Amateur Chicken Championship in Mortlach, SK to see those grounds and possibly run Sammy in the broke stake just for experience.

Oh... and bird season is just seven days away! I'm continueing to hear good reports on the birds locally but elsewhere, primarily the NE part of Montana is down as all predicted.            

Friday, August 5, 2011

Another productive morning....

Rain welcomed us this morning....with the temps in the low 60's, we decided to check out some Honey-holes. I put Sammy on the ground first to give him the first shot at undistubed birds. I was real happy with the results. He had four finds and two stop to flushes, which I felt like he handled real well for an 18 month old pup. Three of his contacts were on healthy Sharptail broods, which was very exciting.

In this video....he pointed at 274 yards and stood till I arrived....

I aslo chose to run Teigen this morning, his tail seems to have recovered. He ran well and had three finds but still needs some work...tick tock, tick tock

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Buzzard Bait

Another early beat the heat. No wind and early high temps make it tough for a young pups so I'm gonna give Sammy the benefit of the doubt. Took him to one of our favorite public spots and only moved one Sharptail, however, he had a nice stop to flush and waited for me to arrive. I haven't run Teigen the last couple of days, turns out he had limp tail syndrome and after a visit to the vet, some Rimadyl and some rest, he's all ready looking much better. I'll hopefully begin running him again on Sunday.

The heat has the ugly birds out....

Saw our first Partridge broods today driving back into town....two different broods and maybe a week apart in age. Both broods flew very well when flushed( forgive the picture quality, apparently my lens is not automatically focusing and I'm no professional ).

Here are the last two males looking smug and hopeful for new hunting homes.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dog Days....

It continues to be warm here, so early morning is where it's at. The first hour and a half loop with Teigen began at 7:00 am and 62', we managed to move a couple of Sharptails, one stop to flush and the other with a find but a little movement at the flush. Just two more weeks to remind him to stay steady. Teigen may have hurt one of his back hind legs, after putting him up, he seems to be favoring it and is not carrying his tail like normal.

The second hour loop with Sammy produced no birds but I rode up a pair of Hun's, normally just one adult will flush to protect the brood, so I'm a little disappointed not to see any chicks.

Hopefully as the harvest begins in a couple of weeks, we'll begin to see this year's young Huns.

An update from Tim yesterday has all but two male pups sold....Teigen and Luke were the last two of their litter.