Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Big Sky Feild Trial Club/ Spring Trial

Luke was awsome on Sunday !
March 12th 2011...  Long Hollow's "Luke" took first place in the Big Sky Field Trial Club Amateur Shooting Dog stake on Sunday, and third place in the Open Shooting Dog stake on Saturday. This was Luke's first appearance in an American Field horseback field trial. Congratulations on two placements  - The first time out ! !


Sammy took 1st in the All Age Derby...

For Love of Birds and Dogs II

On January 10, 2007, I spoke to Ryan Fortier of Longhollow Setters about a litter of English Setter pups he had on the ground. Ten days later, I was on my way to the Bozeman airport to pick up my new and first English Setter pup.

Since that day, my bird dog experience took on a new face and a new level of appreciation for well bred pionting dogs. Ultimately, I was introduced to Tim Powell, who purchased Luke, the other remaining male in the litter.

Tim and I have become close friends and recognizing we had special dogs along with another littermate, River, now owned by Jim Cleary of Bozeman, Mt., we decided to maintain their line for future breeding.

The Bottom line here is we simply want to provide nice, biddable dogs for those interested in well bred English Setters with natural instincts.

Please continue to check in with us as we trial and hunt our dogs. We'll have updates here on available and upcoming litters, started dogs, trial results, hunting stories and links related to bird dogs and upland hunting.