Thursday, July 28, 2011

For your viewing pleasure.....

A few training video's to share with you.....warning, I'm no cinematographer! We do plan to post more video her in the next several months.

Teigen on Sage Grouse....not gonna win any Championships with this style but he's getting closer all the time.

Here he pins a couple of Huns

Sammy in the fall at 7-8 months...has a nice find on a group of Sharptails. Although he had birds shot over his points by this time, this opportunity was not ideal, so I let them fly.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Update

Just a brief update to get up to speed on our Summer status.

The rain finally stopped and the morning's have been ideal for running and working the dogs. Also recent brood sightings have us really excited about the upcoming season. Most of the hay has been baled, yielding bumper crops yet quite a bit of cover is still standing due to wetter than normal conditions. While running the dogs last week on the training grounds, we moved four healthy broods, two Sharptail broods and two Pheasant broods. This is an area that was wiped out by hail last summer. In another three weeks the wheat harvest should begin and we should start to see some Partridge.

The Luke and Suzie breeding has provided some nice looking pups and we still have four available. If you know of someone looking for a classy and easily trained hunting partner, turn them on to this litter.

I really like this picture of Casper on you can see, all class. Casper is from the first breeding.

The puppy page has been updated with some recent pictures of the new litter and please contact Tim to inquire about availability.

There are only three weeks remaining till our first trial, the Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog Championships in Circle, a derby stake and the Montana Shooting Dog Championship to follow. I am optimistic that Teigen will have a better showing this go around, he's looking nice and fit, showing good manners and definitely ready for the hour stakes. If Sammy continues to pick things up at his current pace, I may run him in some of the All Age stakes in Canada, ChickenChampionship and the Region 14 AA Championship. Primarily to gain experience for the future.

Oh, and only 39 days to the opener!